Radio Show

For the Project Task in Unit 1, we had to plan and organize a radio show. During the unit we have learnt how to write a review of a song and we discussed what topics you can talk about when it comes to describing a song.
For the radio show, it was then also mandatory to present a song and talk about it. In addition to the song review, we had to add further elements such as the weather, the news, the traffic news, etc. We were free in designing these elements as we liked. The length of the radio show had to be four to six minutes and we had four lessons to prepare the show.
We not only had to do research on our songs and additional elements, but we then also had to formulate the texts, arrange them so there was a common thread throughout the presentation. Finally, we had to record the radio show.


In a next lesson we could listen to the different radio shows and give feedback to the other groups. It was surprising how differently the shows were carried out, and it was great fun to listen to the other radio shows. Here you find some of our shows. Enjoy!


Class 8a